My Mom 

"Mildred Corbett Compton"

Aug 7, 1923      May 19th, 2002


Her children 

James R Corbett Jr 
Richard Corbett
Deborah Corbett

Just a few words about a wonderful woman…Momma was

a caring, giving, loving person. Many people are. But Momma

was ours…and we were hers. Mom was one of 6 children born

in Birmingham Alabama. Her Daddy worked on the railroad,

and when her own Mother fell severely ill, Momma’s oldest brother

Gene took on the responsibility of helping to raise the younger kids.

Although Momma’s twins sisters were taken from the home

by Social services and adopted out, Momma was able to keep in

contact with her oldest siblings through the years. They all

preceded her in death.


Momma met and married Daddy in 1942, and  Daddy took her

home to his mother, whom  everyone  called “Momma Corbett”.

Momma Corbett taught Mom to garden, to milk cows,

and to make the best biscuits in the world. In turn, our Momma

taught us that “cleanliness is next to godliness” and “waste not,

want not” , which I am sure were handed down to her from her

adopted Mother, Momma Corbett. We 3 kids learned to recycle

before there was such a word. She called it “being Scotch”.


Momma worked as a bookkeeper for various businesses in the

Tucson area. She was efficient and reliable. She gave 125%

to her employers. She took me to work with her when I was quite

small and taught me to file invoices and seal and stamp the bills.


Momma loved the Lord. She was a dedicated church member,

offering her services through the years as a deacon’s wife, the

church treasurer, a Sunday School teacher, and a member of

the choir.   Momma was thrilled when she was able to witness

to her grand daughter and watch her accept the Lord as Savior.

She was happy to join the Lighthouse Baptist church.

 She told several members that I am so glad to become a member of this church before

I die”.


My Momma was my best friend.


In the last week of her life, we prayed together a lot, asking God

to relieve her pain and to help us all in our daily lives. We prayed

for forgiveness  and peace.  Momma has that blessed peace now.

Momma is sitting at Jesus feet, smiling and content.  

Praise God!!!

"Deborah Corbett, Your loving daughter"

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